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POTS: (Plain Old Telephone Service) is expected to fade away in the next few years. Surprised? Ask around and see how many people have connected their telephones to DSL or internet services. Telephone lines will be used, of course, but the telephone service will go away as we have known it. Bye-bye, Ma Bell!

GMS: It's cellular, of course. Will it go away? Most industry insiders think not, but it will evolve. It already has. We started out with 1G phones and now we can get 4G decvices. 1G through 4G are simply the evolving generations of cellular devices.

GTO? Remember the iconic muscle car by Pontiac? Well, Pontiac is closing up shop. When Pontiac changed their starategy to that of cloning the GM econo-boxes, they lost their way. The buying public is back into muscle cars! Of course, these muscle cars are highly efficient compared to those of the glory years when the GTO rode high and fast! Maybe it just wasn't in the master plan for Pontiac. Too bad!

(Posted 11/2/2010 by admin)


Safety message from the National Fire Protection Association. Think safety and enjoy the 4th!

(Posted 6/23/2010 by admin)

Internet As Advisor?

I use the Internet almost every day to learn about the world. Sites like Weather.Com, Google Maps, Yahoo News, and Wikipedia quickly tell me what I need to know. However, occasionaly I have questions about things that are not known facts. Sometimes I use the Internet to help me learn about myself.

Recently I suffered an injury and was looking for a way to improve my fitness and agility. I was looking for something interesting and practical for other areas of my life. After a little research I considered the martial art sports. They combine fitness, self-defense, self-awareness, agility and reflexes. But there are so many methods and styles. Which would be a good fit for me? A quick Google search on "which martial art is right for me?" came up with, among others, Which Martial Art Is Right For You? . After answering 26 multiple choice questions, my answers were rated for compatibility with 10 different styles. The "best fit" for me was Aikido. A few videos helped show me it was correct. Now it could take quite a while before my doctor will let me try it, but I'm willing to wait.

Try the test. Which one was recommended for you?

(Posted 6/14/2010 by admin)

New NICET Testing For Fire Alarms

Well, for those who are familiar with the previous testing method for NICET Certification in Fire Alarms, get ready for the new! You may have to prepare differently and you need to confirm those previously tested work elements that would have applied to your next higher level of certification. Check it out at: NICET CBT

(Posted 6/8/2010 by admin)

School Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 22% of fires in K thru 12 schools are intentionally set! Schools are supposed to be a safe haven for children and, given today's building codes, they probably are relatively safe, as compared to structures without fire retardant construction, fire sprinklers and fire alarms. However, we must still be failing to properly address the societal issues that drive children to set fires in the first place. I guess that's not news, is it? If you want some more statistics, check out the NFPA Education Fact Sheet.

(Posted 6/4/2010 by admin)

Cookie Crumbs

Cookie Crumbs? I was intrigued the first time I heard of these in relation to a GPS Tracking Device. It turns out that the term is applied to the trail of vehicle positions that can be shown on a Google map when you view the vehicle's position on our website. Not only do you see where it is, you also see where it was. You can have its' position plotted every five minutes if you want to. It looks like a trail of cookie crumbs. Niiice...

Hansel and Gretel should have had a GPS Device in their backpack!

(Posted 5/25/2010 by admin)

FTC Identity Theft Video

We thought you might be interested in this if you extend credit to customers in any way, like we do. We had to enact a policy to address this subject:

(Posted 5/25/2010 by admin)
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